Slovak Coursing Championship 2013

On 27.7.2013 we participated in Slovak Coursing Championship in Žilina - Hôrky with two our lagotto romagnolo dogs, who are holders of brand new coursing licenses. In the strong competition of breeds with height from 40 cm to 60 cm
Eolo dei Boschi D´Oro took the 6th place and he was folloved by our bitch Hesiodos Penny who finished as number 7. 
The dogs were running 2 rounds. The first round Eolo and Penny were running together. Despite points taken down due to an earlier start caused by me :-( ,   Penny was better by one point in this round, she had shortened the route brightly and got ahead of Eolo.
In second round our lagotti had different partners chosen by their efficiency and speed.  Eolo was running with a more experienced female rough collie and his run was a fabulous one!  He was barking at the lure and at the end he bite it vigorously.
Penny got a male of bearded collie for her second round. At the beginning she was the slower one but again by shortening the route she cought up her partner and the lure. She was running amazingly with ellegant curves.

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